X-Ray SD photoshop

Have been waiting for this for a while to do, I always wanted to try this to break something apart to take pictures of what is inside to make a x-ray of the object after photographing it. Was pretty much waiting till this SD card would broke cause it is a cheap SD car from Platinum which I have used for many years it is a 4gb SD card wich I already had since my Minolta Superzoom Camera. However it is actually to slow for my Canon 1000D and 4gb is actually not allot of space if you shoot in RAW.
However the technology not advanced to SDHC which is a high speed SD card, with up to 64gb sizes however 16 gb would be enough anything high also mean cost more while 16gb is still on a doable price when you go to 32gb or higher, its get pretty expensive. However in the future with HD film technology in the DSLR camera for sure more memory would be pretty much apreciated also netbooks with limited space could use larger sd cards to expend the drive spaces.

I actually took apart the SD card after if broke and then made pictures every part with a white background. Then puzzled it back together with Adobe Photoshop and used several lagers and blend filters and opacity changes to make the X-ray effect.