24 May a very busy day!

Today done two jobs at central, one at Fringe club and other the place where AnD second anniversary party was held. At the Fringe Club there were allot of celebrities and press and media luckily we were hired to shoot video so we could do more then the press, cause actually the press area is pretty worst if you had to try and shoot the band playing, cause allot of people would had been standing in the way.
24 may-0018
Saw and took photo's and vids of Theresa who held a short press conference. Also I was wearing my Dai Fu Lou Shirt at this event and actually filmed Theresa looking my direction and got a smile one her face and a small laugh, however I am not 100% sure about if she saw my shirt though... I caught in on my brand new Canon 500D also allot of odd faces during both events cause people thought that I was taking pictures but I was mostly filming. Was pretty much also pushing the limit of this new camera and even got it overheated cause of filming too long. Also learned I need to carry sets of extra battery plus more SD cards.

I gotta say Theresa Fu is super pretty she is pretty much center of attention when she was standing there. However didn't really had much time to take allot of footage of her or pictures cause I had to setup for filming the band that would be playing there. However didn't saw most of the celebs when the bands played and film them watching. Also I don't even recognized all the celebs cause most of them I don't even know, only the ones that are really famous or I have seen music clips of or seen in drama series. However it is pretty interesting shooting vids with my 500d cause it is way lighter then the other camera's. However it is HD ready it quality when filming with correct lighting is pretty good. Will release some more vids soon also trying out some VJ things and can now shoot movies with I can use for VJ'ing.