Bikini Dance Event @ Club no.9

Here is a new documentary movie of the picture I have took during the Bikini Dance Event @ Club no.9 in Central Hong Kong. The party got a bikini fashion show with two models and 5 Jagermeister girl giving free shots of Jagermeister. The main DJ for the night was Tung Tung aka Miss Yellow, also there was another DJ who played very well by the alias of DJ K.C. I was there to take pictures of this event and mainly take pictures of Jagermeister. Also I stayed much longer than the press media and tried out some experimental photographing which mainly fit great within a video, and also mainly make use of the lighting of the club itself instead of the flashlight of my camera. I might consider buying a Canon 500D if I get the money for it, so I can do some HD filming and some video production. For sure making videos is pretty interesting.

The party was great for sure learned bit more about Hong Kong party cause really allot of people don't like to have their pictures taken or be filmed cause their are shy. Allot of people don't want to be seen cause they think about what other think about them if their photo's are shot during a party, however if you go party then go all the way. If you want people to think that you are a shy person that never party just then don't go. However this party is one that lasted for me the longest till 5 while others were till 4. For sure learned allot again and will improve in photography and will get a 50mm 1.8F lens soon to be able to make some better shot during dark parties cause of the low F of the lens to be able to get more light. Also cause of the low F you can get great depht of field effects.