Coconut drink / Review

MC Yan Double Sparks-1771
This above is an actual coconut, but the first layer carved into this shape however inside you got the actually brown coconut with the hard shell. We actually use different tools to finally crack them open and nicked some straws from McDonald, hehe. The juice for me taste allot like some soya milk drinks. Also if you crack if further open you could eat the meat of the coconut, however I found out after drinking the juice that I am getting some major allergic reaction from it. So pretty much need to watch out in the future not to eat things with coconut in it. Also to much work if we wanted to crack it much futher and we don't have any knifes to cut it. We actually tried out if a corkscrew would work but the inner hard shell is just too hard. However the juice is pretty tasty and actually it got allot of juice but it is such a major pain in the ass to crack open. Rather buy a bottle instead, but pretty good that I now learned that I am allergic to this however it is hard to findout if people use coconut in things. Also I found out that actually coconut allergies are the most rare kinds and is not common tested for cause of it rareness.