Hard Candy at Underground 5th Anniversary

This is a picture set of Hard Candy at 5th anniversary of Underground. During this set I played around with my camera doing allot of crazy things to learn more about my camera and trying to produce special effect that make the picture look special.
During this shot I zoomed while pressing the button taking the picture. It make it possible to make the part where you focus mostly in the middle to be sharp and outer part of the picture to have a motion blur.
This shot is made with a slow shutter time but also using a flash. The red is cause there is a red strobe flashing making a double exposure but with only red and I actually played with that during this play cause it was annoying me so I tried to use it instead of finding a way to get rid of it.
The lowest picture got a triple exposure cause of someone else flashed during my shot so you could see a very sharp 2nd exposure. But the other I played with moving the camera for the second exposure so you would see a double picture instead of having a second exposure to make the person extreem red or getting cool effects from it.