It have been raining heavily the couple of days and the office I work and stay have some major leakage. Mainly in the room that I was sleeping in, you can see the damage in the video. Pieces of the ceiling fell down and allot of water dropping. It seem the drainage of the roof isn't that well and mostly above that room got major issue. We didn't have much buckets to catch the water so I shift made some, I actually cut the top of of the bottle so it would have more surface area to catch the water and drop the top on in it so it would get less water flying up, also condense water would stay in the bottle this way. It is filmed with my Canon EOS 500D with 50mm f1.8 lens and you can check out the quality in HD.


Anonymous said…
Hmm your room became an old chinese torture room. dripping drops of water onto your head untill you get into the dark world of maddness.