MC Yan Sparkling Double vid

Here is something new I am trying out, making a short movie clip with the pictures I took during MC Yan exhibition. I use the only song I at the moment got of with MC Yan on my laptop which is Point Blanc featuring MC Yan. However I like the contrast of both the song and the art style of MC Yan which is a mix of Hip Hop and Classic Chinese style. Also I shot allot of picture and might be bit boring just looking at pictures in an album, so here is a very first photo video clip I have made. However it might seem to look simple but actually took allot of time loading the pictures and actually following the music to jump to the next picture, I used about 6 hours to put this together with 1 hour to render it out.

However I find movie editing might be something interesting however I think I need a faster computer to handle the large files and to render the movie faster.