MC Yan Sparkling Double

Yesterday night I went to the opening of MC Yan former crew of LMF and now a Music director of Radio DaDa. MC Yan got a very interesting design style he likes to draw graffiti but with a old Chinese kind of way, it is an interesting mix of new and old. Also he got a cool logo when turned 90 degrees spells Hong Kong. Be sure to watch the exhibition which in the basement of the Hollywood center on the Hollywood road in Central Hong Kong. Also today during the opening MC Yan did a short live art performance and finished up few piece. I was luckily to have my camera with me so I could take some pictures of him in action also exchange business card and talked a bit and hear him explain about his art. Also at the exhibition they also show a movie of how he had painted the paintings so you could see how he actually works. Probably most interesting exhibition I have seen so far in Hong Kong. I truly got respect for MC Yan, great work for sure am very inspired after seeing his work.