Playing tourist at Hong Kong

Haven't really done any tourist stuff when I came to Hong Kong so last week used one day to do it. However I go to central allot and actually go to the longest lined escalator allot mainly to get back 2 HKD after traveling with the MTR.
Actually the escalator is boring to photograph actually mainly most part look the same and on the side is mostly buildings.
In the middle is orange tree where you can eat Dutch snacks and dishes. Right is the sign you will see when you reach the very end of the escalator. From there you can follow the map to the peak, which means you can walk to the top which I did.
It is a pretty hard path to walk cause of the sheer angle you have to walk and it is pretty steep.
However it is worth it cause I could take great pictures there of the peak. However next time I will take the bus or with the tram. Check out more picture of the peak on my Flickr account.