HK babbling in Mong Kok

On the Hong Kong television is a program which is a parody on the celebrities of Hong Kong played by celebrity actors doing comedic acts, acting and dressing up like other famous celebrities of Hong Kong. However I was lucky that day that I actually brought my camera with me cause I wanted to test out my new 50mm lens and actually bumped into this group. However there were allot of press so was hard to get a good spot to take picture also allot of non press which were irritating putting there phone cam in front of my camera.
They were actually giving away fruits for this promotion on the street of Mong Kok, at Sai Yeung Choi street. However I don't have a tv so can't watch it at all, so not even sure who all the celebs are however some I recognizes from some drama series.
However learned allot from taking these pictures cause actually group photo's with 50mm with f1.8 is not that doable. Especially when you are not standing 100% in from of them cause then you can only focus on one person.
Cause it would had been great if I had focussed on the girl in front cause he was looking into my camera but you can see she is out of focus while the lady behind her is sharp. Actually there are allot of these kind of tv program or other promotions at Sai Yeung Choi street daily even sometimes there are game shows happening.