June 12th Pimpin Ain't Easy

Here is a new Event Video I made documenting Pimpin Ain't Easy on June 12th with DJ Enso, DJ Drafus and DJ Kazey @ CLIQ. Music is live recording during the event. Cinematography, editing and directing is all done by myself, filmed this event with my Canon EOS 500D with 50mm f1.8 lens. It was pretty hard to capture the people dancing cause the lighting in CLIQ is not really that great to film the dance area, cause they don't have an overall lighting but they use 4 spots that rotates around pretty fast, which in result came out to be able to see some people in short flashes. However sometimes there are lucky moments when the light would cross certain places making one area lighten up enough for me to film. Mostly the DJ area got enough lighting to film the DJ, but I think I should carry an extra light next time when I video at ClIQ to film the crowd. Couldn't really film the moment when the guys stole Enso shoe and threw it around only when the shoe landed in a well lighted area. See you guys at the next events!

Also if you like the video, I am for hire to film at and/or take photo's at an Event.