Back in NL

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I have not been back in the Netherlands for a whole week and first few days really got a major jetlag was sleeping long hours. However I got allot of stuff to do in the Netherlands, my administration of my company plus doctors visits and allot things for Dai Fu Lou. I now managed to get a exhibition in Rotterdam that will be held on 15th of July and I am now busy prepairing allot of designs and paintings.

Here above you can see some pictures of the flight back to the Netherlands, I first went to the Hong Kong Airport and then flew to London Heathrow and had to stay there for a while to catch another plane to the Netherlands. When I was back home and later that night was a beautifull sunset. nl-5629
Great to be back because it is really pretty here compared to HK where everything is gray. However will be going back to HK on 19th.