Dai Fu Lou exhibition in the Netherlands

15th July there was a small exhibition held by Dai Fu Lou in Rotterdam at the Wah Fook Wui which is stated in the basement of the Ka Fook Mansion. Within the exhibition several things were presented like paintings, shirts, paper toys and photography.
Jona brought along different shirts he had designed and made in Hong Kong to show.
Also the newest design of paper toy figure were shown at this exhibition.
The figures were standing on top a special made light box painted with the Dai Fu Lou logo and pattern, inside the box you can see a lamp with buttons and business card placed.
As you can see the exhibit is mostly about Dai Fu Lou 00 and Dai Fu Lou 0 the two very first characters that were designed. For those who have missed the exhibition you can view the pictures on our Dai Fu Lou Flickr group or Facebook. Also we filmed the exhibition and soon release a clip of this happening plus traveling from Hong Kong to the Netherlands.


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