Dai Fu Lou @ Esprit friends

Saturday 22 August 2009 Dai Fu Lou had an interview at Esprit Friends and talked about a serious subject what is friends. Do you really have to know everything about the other person to be friends with. Or just knowing and feeling of a friendship is enough. Everyday you can make a new friend without knowing them at all, which might be better then if you knew all the information about them instead. Friends could be friend however between all of them there lies also people who tries to mislead you or people trying to be your friend to get something from you. Always make clear the difference between a friend and business, both can't happen at the same time. Jona talked about his past experience how he got hurt by a friend he trusted and came to Hong Kong with fully having trust in their friendship, having later known that he had a hidden 3 year plan for Jona with out him knowing it. Also in talked about how Jona and Alan met in Hong Kong and from totally not knowing about each other and still able to become friends and setup Dai Fu Lou. Watch the interview and vote for use here.

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