IDS Summer Street Dance Showcase

Sunday August 23 I went to Stanley first time and also very first time be able to film same performance twice. The clip above shows a crew called 2Evolva who has the opening act of the dance show also they are wearing shirts that are designed and sponsored by Prologue Workshop. I was invited by a friend and also co owner of Prologue Workshop, to help out filming this event. Was a great experience and learned allot cause it is very first dance show I filmed and in theater. Editing this video was quite fun cause it is also a very first time I edit something that would had look like that it was filmed by multiple camera's. Also funny was I filmed more different angles compared to the official videotographer and also I had a HD cam while he just used a Ricoh pocket camera to film the event. While first thought he was using Nikon cam to film but he just takes pictures once in a while with that.

Hope to shoot more vids like this and sure was great turn out. Also will edit few other crew that I also filmed, but I did not film every crew cause that would had been allot plus allot of editing to do. I also tried out photographing in the theater but found a problem when using flash somehow everyone gets red eyes while anti red eye is on, but the red eyes are not red but green, not sure what up with that. But just had to used super high ISO plus having the speed around 200 cause the dancers really moves very fast, to be able to good pictures of them. Luckly Canon got great noise reduction build in so picture still very good. Also pretty great I had bought a battery grip so I totally did not had to change the batteries, making able not to miss much. However had to change my lenses way too often I think I need to get a Sigma 18-200 soon!