Chung Dha @ International Original Design Fair

Last weekend 18-20 September Chung Dha had a booth at the International Original Design Fair at Shenzhen China. However we've gotten this booth on a very short notice while we were already prepairing stuff for next month exhibitions so had not much to show.
It was the very first booth at a fair for Chung Dha and we actually choose to use this booth with few other designers instead of using it all for Chung Dha. The booth was shared with Cotton Candy from Prologue and DimSum who is an illustrator and Dai Fu Lou the other side of Jona Lam.
The fair is a great promotion and given away allot of business cards plus stickers and for sure know that we had allot of people viewing our works and also gotten some interest.
For sure also learned a few things cause one very sad thing happened is that the small Dai Fu Lou hand made character got stolen even though he was ugly. And also need to write down what they can take and what not people think to fast that things are for free.
At least we have shown our works at China and done some good publicity and made few interesting contacts. And hope to see you all at our next exhibit @ Prologue in TST Hong Kong on Cameron Roar exit C2 on 14 October.