Dai Fu Lou Toon exhibit

From 14th till 20th at Prologue on Cameron Rd 8 in Tsim Tsa Tsui, is an exhibition by Dai Fu Lou showing an impressive book designed by Jona Lam. This book includes a special design so you can see animated images inside the book, with out it using lenticulars or even electricity. The book contain a collection of Dai Fu Lou animations with a set about a stinky underpants that get washed dried and ironed. Also inside the book are information about the technique used to make this animation and explained how you can also design it yourself, to inspire designers to make use of this technique. The books are for sale and get them before they are gone, it is a truly special book to get inspired by or just to see the funny animations.
After this exhibition will be all about Toys with Dai Fu Lou again, all new toys from Dai Fu Lou which are hand made by Jona Lam and truly limited. Will show all plush toys of the characters of Dai Fu Lou which will be used later for stopmotion animations in the future.
Night before the opening I made this around 3 am and next day in the morning it was already gone the people pasted exactly the same posters back but then over my piece of artwork.