Dai Fu Lou X Cotton Candy

Dai Fu Lou x CottonCandy Plush!!! This plush is not for sale but is made to be printed on a tshirt, which will be showed on October 28th from 8pm @ Prologue on Cameron Rd 8, Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR exit B2.

I have been experimenting around with learning how to sew stuff and actually done quite allot making different things. I actually wanted to learn sewing stuff for a quite while cause I thought there might be something in it, cause I have been using allot of materials making packagings but sewing fabriques I might find new kinds of packaging. However sewing stuff also help making fashion, but also toys like plushes.
I am experimenting with plushes first cause these think often have difficult shapes which I can learn allot from. The matter of sewing things and how the fabrics reacts and bends and twist is quite interesting. However I still need to learn allot.