Halloween poster concept

halloween poster concept
I am pretty pleased with this poster design showing all expects of halloween party while not portraying as a Horror movie poster or showing too much of a party animal. The poster had a kind of chiqueness to it so that the club or party does not looks like it was made by a cheap company but more on a profesional level.

From a distant you when you look at the poster you would see a green glowing Halloween pumpkin but while you come close you would see all the details and illustrations that make up this pumpkin. The illustrations with in the pumpkin shows what the party is all about showing several famous characters of horror movies like Dracula or most used costumes like PB bunny or MJ, but also few party elements as the turntable and more.

The background has a skull pattern which also give you an impression of that it is a wall or wallpaper and by addding blood stains the blood looks like it flew onto that wall. Giving a slight feel of horror, while overall view does not look like a horror movie.

I actually drew all this, the whole poster in Illustrator, so it could be resize or edited in any way compared to Photoshop. However I did use some brushed to help me out putting the blood stains on the background. I only used special Halloween typeface for the title which is important to look special, but kept a clean and most clear readable type face for the rest, so everything is readable. And to keep the special prize and also the free make up kind hidden if you look at the poster far away it is bit hidden by the blood stains, while will be clear when you walk up closer to it.

It frustates me a bit that the party organizer did not use my poster but gone for a very ugly design and I mean very ugly poster possible did by a student designer. Which lacks with graphics and compositions and design and might even be made by a non designer, but someone who just learned the program.