Best cinematograph and editing award!!!

The short movie Art of Flying won the award for best Cinematography and Film editing at the very first 48 hours film project in Hong Kong. Both cinematography and editing were done by Chung Dha, who actually went to the 48 hours network meeting just to do some networking and see what the 48 hours project is all about and now ended up winning both cinematography and editing. Also this is the very first short movie Chung Dha have ever filmed.

Congratulations and thanks to the team ( which include Chung Dha, Quentin Kwong, Jessica Wiklund, Katarina Ivarssen , Maggie Hou, David K C Wong, Jeff Chan and Connie Yeung), could not have done it without them and thanks for Arne Venema who actually hooked Chung Dha up with this team.

There were teams with probably people with way more filming experience than our team and using way better equipment or actually have a full film crew.
While our team only have Chung Dha as most experience of filming and acted as a single person filmcrew, cause Chung Dha actually have been filming events with his Canon EOS 500D, also assisted filming for Alan Leung and have actually assisted few films and learned allot from them. We were using the Canon EOS 500D with a custom picture styling which made the film already have great color grading which in post production we did not had to edit and change the coloring of each scene. Editing was on done a 4 year old HP tc4200 tablet pc with Sony Vegas Studio. With winning these award we could imply that better gear does not mean better looking movies.

For those who have not seen the movie yet watch here below.


Anonymous said…
Nice colours, fancy sharing some custom picture styling tips/guides? Thanks.