Final Cut version Art of Flying

the Art of flying from Jona Lam on Vimeo.

Final cut version of the entry for the 48 hours film project. This short movie won the best cinematography and film editing awards at the 48 hours film project in Hong Kong. This video was shot with Canon EOS 500d with 50mm f1.8 lens and Sigma 18-200mm and custom picture styling for colorgrading. Cinematography, editing and colorgrading by Chung Dha.

A final cut or improved version of the entry for 48 hours film project, with all the material that were shot during the project. So no extra retakes to improve it, just more time for better editing, even though we won the best cinematography and editing awards.

However there are still few kinds of oddities within this movie, like the arm in the mirror. But also the script have few oddities especially what the narrator is saying. Directly : "This Adam, as you might have noticed Adam is not a very happy young man" while you have not seen him or actually seen a certain prequel. But also like she don't know him but in the end she know she is his sorrow?!? Also might have been better if the ending text would had been narrated then just written, cause I know people are lazy to read unless it is a translation of a language they understand. Also I still don't like much of the jokes, especially still don't understand the what is funny about the Chinese name of Adam. The swine flu joke is like so bad it, cause might have changed it to this: "And now he probably have aids". Cause you don't joke around with some decease where people die from. From a certain perspective it look like an advertisement commercial showing difference between a good and a bad product/person.

Enough flaming, now some bloopers and behind the scenes and unused material that were shot during those 48 hours.