One night in Mong Kok/ the Ladies market

This empty street with allot of taxi's parked on the side is actually the busy Ladies Market in Mong Kok after midnight. All the stands clear up and disappears in to thin air with all their fake products. I photograph this set because I wanted to photograph something different than all the tourist that visits Hong Kong. There have probably already been million photographs of the famous Ladies market of Mong Kok but all taken when the market is open and still there. I have not seen allot of people actually take picture when the market is gone.
All that is left of the stands are these steel bars which every morning are used to rebuild the stands of the Ladies market.
Here and there are sometimes a kind of Tee-Pee constructions made from steel frame works and fabrics of the stand folded inside them.
Here and there you would find allot of old wires and cables hanging around but also fuseboxes which powers the Ladies market from the morning till night every day of the week.
To view more picture of Mong Kok at night visit my Flickr set here.