Perspective vector car

First time I had to make a car from such an perspective but was pretty intersting to do. This was actually a small project where I had to make this illustration of a car draw with vectors. I pretty much learned that there are not really that much photo's or images of a bottom of cars. Luckly I have acces to press photo's of racing event and found few usefull pictures of the underside of those cards, but totally could not use them as back to draw the vector over. I basically only use the picture as reference and had to calculate or use my eye to get the shapes and sizes correct.
Heres is a view of all the vector lines that was drawn that makes out the illustrations you could see the wheels and underside use allot of line to make them realistic as possible. Also all the shines are loose oval. Basically all the skills from making hundreds of logo's were used to make this car realistic as possible and also make it gloss realistic as possible. What is great to have a vector is that I can easily change the car color and also resize it to tremendous sizes without loosing details. This illustration is made for Spotz Media Group.