Waterfront park Day to night

Waterfront park a beautiful park stated in Tai Po which is open the whole day except for the watch tower. The waterfront park is also a great location for cycling or jogging or just have a relaxing walk or a picnic. I went there to try and capture both the day and night on one day. To view the whole park from a high point there a watch tower which you can walk up and also people with an wheelchair can ride to the top.
This park is not a creation from nature but is pure man made, as you can see with these flowers all arranged in rows of different colors.
Hidden between all the man made nature there is also a foot massage root which would improve your bodies blood flow. However there have been allot of people walking bear foot on it, I won't cause you might get a nasty case of HK feet from it.
However the waterfront park is probably only few places you might see some bird flying around freely.
However the tower is even more spectacular at night with all the light lid up and changing colors each time. I should film it the next time.
Through out the park are light so even in the dark it is looks very special. If I have time I would like to see if I could come up with something to try to film it there.
At the moment I really love the transistion between day to night or otherway around cause of the street still lid by the lamps and the sky is not in total darkness and also not too bright, so you can easily find a setting to capture both instead having one to bright and other to dark. However the window opening of this time is very short so there is no slacking around.

If you want to visit the waterfront park you could go to the Tai Po train station and either rider with the shuttle buses or either rent a bicycle to go there, however you could also walk but it is other side of town from the KCR. To see more picture visit my Flickr set here.