My very first audition

This weekend tried to do an audition for Love Hurts by Thomas Lo, did not went all the way I had planned however learned and picked up few things of what not to do for the next time. I got the script at the door and Alan was there to read up the script and ran me throe it and I pretty much got all the lines in my head, but went in there without having thought about how to get the best reaction or about how I would like to see myself reacting. Probably over acted few parts instead of doing it more naturally.

I was way to busy trying to remember the lines and another thing that was not helping was that the girl I had to play against was doing it all in English while I had prepared myself to react to Cantonese and talk in Cantonese, cause I fixed myself onto that Cantonese script. In the second try I just lost where I was cause of the English just could not match what was happening, also felt pretty unnatural to talk in Cantonese while the other person is talking in English. Also the Cantonese of the script was odd while preparing already had thought how to say it better than how it was actually written or even totally change or add stuff.

At least next time I should probably know how to prepare better also should had try to improvise instead of totally losing it. Also did not really wanted to go for the lead role cause Alan said the 30 year old guy would be the big lead, but from the script I saw that it was not the case , cause I pretty much had heard the baseline of the story from different people. However maybe do some crew work instead and also try to do more auditions, cause I want to feel and see more on the other side of the camera. I am not camera shy so that is not one of the problems, but I might need to try attending an acting lesson though.