Watched Storm Warriors II

I finally watched the Storm Warriors cause I had free time and I literally life next to the theather. The story started freaking stupid they already gotten the cure and could like just ran away directly instead they had to try and kill the big boss. And why did Wind had to go through the trouble of becoming evil while the training of the nameless guy made Cloud pretty strong. Also there was an all sudden time jump and unexplained that the Dragon Bone was keeping Wind from becoming evil and what that bone is actually for. Pretty much lost allot of story and the director probably only want to show fighting more than the story.

For CG totally nothing to complain about that it is truly awesome what those guys did. Other thing was the camera works they have like too much close up talking and also allot of non over the shoulder shots while people were talking, cause allot of times looks like people talking to thin air and probably was on the set. And pretty much most fighting you can expect when they go into slomo mode. Also saw like some zoom in out twitches not sure if was meant but were like very small ad odd moment don't know if either was accidental touching the zoom while filming or like odd stuff during the post production. Pretty much they did only cool and good cinematography works on the fights but if felt like when they had people talking they just took fast single takes in bad angles or actually taken dialogs on days when the person they are talking to was not there.

For one part felt allot of Sin City / 300 Spartan going on. Also like super lame joke in the middle while rest is super serious, they had to add a funny name for Cloud's new sword technique. If you go watch it just go for the CG and fighting don't expect much from the rest.