Bald & Bold with Yung Yung

First time edited a something someone else filmed however also first time got to see Nikon film files and also editing with a director next to me. Nikon film files are so odd cause they do open with any Windows program but it does not open in any editing programs except movie maker I have extra convert it with bink and smacker before I could use it.

But I would had like to film this one instead of just editing it cause when I shaved my head I wanted to go for special shots with one standing cam and other close up but eventually was just one cam on tripod and 2 taking pictures. Also for me as a guy is less extreme than a girl plus I did no go to complete bald. But I would know what kind of shots I would like to have or actually try total bald like have 2 persons same time trying bald. Or do a short sketch with several bald people.

Also hope to do some more editing together is more fun with more people around while editing giving good advice then just doing it all alone.


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