Earths resolution with Metal Fungi

This is just a thought which might be cool for certain synopsis for a short. But mostly a kind of situation might happen in the future. Will post more of these stories just thoughts we might or should think about. (Please do not comment me on religious stuff, about that the pollution is fake cause that is way off topic.)

The earths resolution to prevent the destruction of earth by the machines made by humans. The earth eco systems keeps the world balance but the machines build by the humans has caused harm by exhaust fumes of many of their machines. The earth itself have evolved a fungi / bacteria which have evolved in different places all over the earth cause of rust and metals which has came in contact with fungus. The fungus eats up all metals and biologically degraded it making any strong metal to brittle and turn to dust.

The metal fungi makes any engine, machine and electronic equipment to fail. Building constructions with metal frames starts to crumble. All big cities starts to crumble and all the skyscrapers disappears. In all the drama allot of technology will disappear which had been polluting the earth. And all sudden all smog disappears and people can see the blue sky again. The humans survived however lost most of their tools which are made from metal. The humans flourish the earth again however by going back in time loosing all of the technologies and world wide connections like the INTERNET and transports like planes and ships.

By loosing all people gone into despair, people who only have lived with technology not knowing how to survive in the wild. There will be people who have survival skills and know how to live from the land, while others will be stealing from them. It will be all survival of the fittest and the smartest. However during the metal fungi period all the weapons have been destroyed (in one moment wiped out the wars, but still people still have urges to fight), which means only combat would be hand to hand or using any natural resources to fight with (its like being in the stone age).

However instead of finding a cure for metal fungi to stop it spreading, scientist start rebuilding technology with new materials building computers and communication devices out of non metal components. Normal people are actively making DIY rebuilding their homes and making own transports. It will take years for the earth to become normal again and regain the technology and transports, but at least all new technology will be green and would not pollute the earth anymore.

However this story or situation make me think about how the world would been different if there was no metal, because at the moment allot of things are build out of metal. However most metal objects or tools we have are all bad in a certain way like weapons or polluting the earth, while with todays technology we are able to build non metal batteries and also most metals could be replaced with plastics or carbons. We have the technology to stop the pollution but main problem is people are to ignorant to want what is good for the earth but rather have what is good for themselves.