8 Hours overtime at Rotterdam

Last friday I joined 8 hours overtime to work 8 hours long on a concept for a charity. Our teams charity was Rank a brand which is a website and company that checks and ranks companies on how good they are, not only if they are environmentally friendly but also on how well their workers and labor is.

Here is a video of the Rank A Brand CEO explaining the company in Dutch.

Our briefing is to help the website to get more viewers and get the name out of this company.

Here is a brief tour of the great place we were working at the Roodkapje exhibition hall at Meent in Rotterdam.

And here is a brief video showing everybody working on the last moment.

Eventually through hours of brainstorming and discussing our final verdict was to do a viral videos however due to time we didn't really were able to make a real video before the deadline. We managed to put together a find of storyboard presentation which could be used by Rank a Brand to made into a viral video.

The reason for a viral video is that it is a easy low budget way to spread the word about Rank a Brand. The video should be funny but also have the message of what Rank a Brand does, cause it is funny people would likely spread it and send it to their friends on any online social mediums. Cause we also had though about gadgets and apps but those are not easy to attract people unless it is really well made and interesting enough.

Here is the story board we made and presented at the 8 hours overtime.
Rank a Brand viral

I had a great time and it was allot of fun doing such a group brainstorming which is not a very common thing that I had done before, even during the time studying design, but I can say I pretty much like the way we worked as a team during this event. Many thanks to team 4 with Anne, Kasia, Rivka en Zeger.