Cinemasia 22 May 2010

Here is a compilation of the day, it was a bright and sunny day and allot of people were at the park. However the Cinemasia was still going on and this time there was a culture bazaar busy, where there were stands with Asian products and food. Also many movies played but most interesting one was A brand new life which had a discussion afterwards with members of Arierang, however the discussion changed from talking about the movie to talking about orphans and adoptions in Korea. Late at night there was an Asian Party which also is the opening party.

I also went and watch few movies the best one of the day what I saw was Dreamhome. However I was already at the first screening but I did not saw it cause I was busy trying to upload the opening. From the first I just laugh at the gore and blood, cause it just over the top well done special effects. However you do feel sympathy for the main character played by Josie Ho and find her more a hero of the movie then the bad guy.

The worst movie had to be Three narrow gates, mostly it was shot horrible and the story was too slow of a pace and just the camera work was so horrible that I left somewhere in the middle. It was not only the camera work it was also that they were trying to show locations to be other locations. Like saying we are in China but instead it was just Lamma Island which is still in Hong Kong. Plus it was a major Hong Kong cliche movie, cause the theme and story is majorly overused in Hong Kong and not only movies but also the drama series there.

I also saw A brand new life, however the story is not bad the camera works are ok. But mainly waiting for a climax to happen or a powerful shot to really evoke an emotion in the audience, but it never came. I would had want to see some of the scenes shot differently to able to evoke more emotions. Especially when the girl tried to bury herself, I would had evoke more that it really looked that she died there, but then shock people to jump up, instead of just rubbing of the dirt from her face cause it did not made the scene had much impact.

Tuesday I will be at the Slanted vision where several Dutch Asian artist will talk about the stereotyping of Asian actors in Holland or Europe. Cause even I can see on TV that allot of Asians are shown as Kung Fu fighers and always work at a restaurant as a Chinese cook. I would like that to be changed and also see more Asians on the Dutch television.