Design to look cheap, sells more!?!

It might sound weird but there are companies out there who are going to companies to redesign their image, but in a whole other purpose then before. Instead of re-branding to look like a professional company who have years of experience and provide top quality they want to do the opposite.

However the question is why are they doing it? Especially with the financial crisis you might think it would be better to make your company to look more trust worthy of visiting or hire. However the problem with a high classy trustworthy look is that you could ask higher prices and also with the image of being expensive to scare off the majority of possible clients. People can go to a website and see "wow this looks too expensive" and just search for something more in their pricerange without even asking for a quote or looking at the prices.

So by looking cheap you can sell more? It depends on many factors and the targeted markets or the products you want to sell. It especially work on products that people rather buy cause of price difference compared to the famous names. Basically it comes to two shops who sells the same but one just feels like the products are cheaper while they are actually priced the same.

So can I let my small nephew do the design so it looks cheap?
Only if he ever studied design, but also cheap look have many levels but also you could look professional but cheap which you have to find a designer who know what he is doing. Also the necessary research need to be done to for making such a logo. A logo is a medium to tell a story about your company in just one glimpse and if the design is right you can attract more customers, while giving your customers a less lighter feel in there pockets.

So how do I know if I look too expensive? Just do research and interview people looking at logo's while also showing different kind of logo's, asking question which one you would like go and buy things and why? And also give a number which go first, second and so on. However you should not add too famous logo's within the list but keep the list within the close competitors of your company, cause famous logo's mislead your results cause people would choose a famous brand easily to others.

Allot of people think design is just draw up a design and it ok, think just brainstorm to get better ideas, but in fact to have the best design you have to do your research and know your market.