Inspired DIY RIG

This is a homemade DIY rig made and designed by Erik and Jonathan Bergqvist. The shoulder rig is made and carpentered out of a big piece of wood. It also have a smart design for how to control the follow focus without moving your hands away from the bar, you just have to twist your bar to change the focus. You can view more detail of it on their website here. Also view how the rig was made in the video below.

DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist on Vimeo.

I am also thinking to build my own camera rig, however not out of wood. However the wood looks pretty special it does look a bit too heavy to carry around. I already got most material lying around and just bought a aluminum tube. I am going for a rig that looks like its professionally made but is so cheap that everybody can afford it.
Credits to Erik and Jonathan Bergqvist, Athanse media