White and bright

I changed my blog to overall white while before it was much darker with a black background, however after a while I was finding it to look more negative looking design cause of the black. I donno why I had it black cause now all in white it a much fresher look and also made it more simplistic. Probably because my taste in 2008 was much different then now, especially what I had gone through in 2009 and now going back into design and posting more thing and videos of events that I am going to and also events that are happening in Holland.

One things is that I found there is not really a collective website in Holland that shows what kind of design events there are, they are all spread around. So from now one I will be trying to do a weekly post on what is happening this week in Holland and what are the most interesting places to be and where I possibly be too.

At the moment the most interesting happening is the Graphic Design Festival in Breda. Its from 8may till 30may there are allot of exhibitions around the city and many things to visit. I did missed allot of the important tours and event though but on the 25th there is seminar with several big designers talking about decoding design. Find more information on http://www.graphicdesignfestival.nl .

Cinemasia Filmfestival which is shown through the whole country of the Netherlands, but the main festival is held in Amsterdam at the Ketelhuis from the 20th till 30th. The opening film will be Dream Home with Josie Ho and Conroy as special guest on the 20th of May however it is an enclosed plus there are not tickets to the opening. However I will be there taking picture and filming as best as I can. Not sure if there have internet on location to upload fast footages and also hoping to use Canon Zoombroweser to see if I can edit it faster out than with other post editing programs.

Here is a trailer of the opening film the Dream Home.

I will be on the opening and then 22th and the closing day at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam. For more information check out there website on Cinemasia.nl .

Next time I will do a video about the upcoming events, so you don't have to read this much text.