Future socialmedia/mobile gaming

I am not talking about just Facebook games with sim games like farmville or restaurant city nor mafia games. The future with social gaming will more on mobile platform and now you are not playing games on the screen of you mobile but actually the games will be your life what you do, where you are and who you meet can help you score points.

There are already apps on the iPhone which already is already showing such games. When I was in Hong Kong I had seen these apps already being shown and used. There is a certain app where you could actually tag where you are and show friend where you are at the moment,you can tag certain shops, restaurants and more. You can also write certain short messages about the places, like certain reviews or tips so your friend of followers could read.

Playing tag
However these does not sound any different than using a tweet, but the most special part is there are rankings of who have visited these shops or places the most and these rankings the shops can use it as a certain game. Cause there are for certain coffee shops you can get a free cup of coffee if you are ranked in the top 10 and if you are number one you would get a bigger price that the certain place have set. But they can also set discounts if you have visited certain places for a certain amount. This is one of the first steps of social media being a game with an actual reward system in real life and not some point that you see on the screen.

However your life being a game is very interesting it would make living to be more fun but somehow maybe more hectic having to remember to tag a place each time you visit. However this will be the easiest games you can play but in the future it would become more advanced and more interesting.

Fancy playing a game of hide and seek om a more advanced level?
In the very near future special contest for special event will be more radical and more like playing life games than ever. With hide and seek people would go in search of a certain pointed person to able to win certain prizes or discount. It will be with gps tracking so you know where you have to go and if you find the person you have to take a picture that either recognize the person or they have a qr code on them to scan. However it does not even have to be a person you have to find but a certain location.

Going to school/work is a game?
Yes even to school or work can even be a game, just to get people even more excited to do instead of thinking of a boring routine. Being on time can be a game and I am sure there will be someone building a website or apps that would keep these ranking records and update them automatically and be easy to register and start up a school or company game. However I am not doing it cause I dont know anything about coding and dont have much budget to able to hire anyone to do this. However being on time probably easy game to think of but in the future most school will be working with computers and most companies already use allot of computers, but I think most interesting game will be work progress, it will be a game on who is first done with their work plus also measure if people are always viewing and working in the correct programs or not and are not web browsing and chatting all the time instead of doing their work. However it kind hacking into your privacy at work or school but you are there to work and not to do other stuff so it also a good thing to less the boss or teachers to see if you are lazy and are slacking or not.

School games
For me school was always a game for me it was, cause I always wanted be first to finish everything and also good work with the highest grade doesn't sound bad either. However I never got rewarded to be first always basically same if I finish it at the planned date. However also few times got like yelled at cause I finished everything within 2 weeks while the school had planned it took 7 weeks. While working fast is a good thing for me I think it should be a good value. I would have like to see a ranking of who fast fastest done with their work and also that they could have ranked and measured how good students are and also adopt these information to change how they teaches. Also bad thing was that they didn't bend rules like most teachers said I could been in the master class but I was too old. However back to the topic instead of bashing my old school. Ranking are able to make student to be more active in what they do but also give school information to learn the goods from the bads.

Games for driving?
However these games are not meant for that people would drive faster to go to checkpoint but more designed for other purposes. Like on the freeway there is a checkpoint for getting a discount if you pass a certain point however the checkpoint is only on the freeway you cannot stop to tag it. The checkpoint will be at a certain distance and if drive over it on the correct speed you will have a certain amount of time to tag it. So if you drive slower it would be much easier to tag if you are driving too fast it would be really difficult. The award could be that you get a certain amount of discount cause you are driving on a save speed. However the location of the checkpoint are not the same and can be regulated by the electric signs that are on the freeway. This way people might keep riding on a safer speed so they can get discounts.

Another game would be gas vs mileage that if you ride less gas on a further distance that you would get discount cause you are doing something sustainable and helping for better earth. However it can only be done and activated when you are in the car so in the future you there should be a build in plug for you phone in your car to able to send or record these informations so it becomes a game with real life rewards.

The game of sports
Most sport are games but most sport are not always that much fun to play. Like running is a great sport but it hard to see where you are going and a bit too hard to keep up. There is mainly the lack of motivation while doing sport, however there is a way to motivate people while doing sports, the motivation of improving and being faster is a great motivation but normally you can not see if you are faster or not cause there is not check point you can see, but in the future it will be different. You will be able to run and see the data of your previous run and see if you are running of the same pace and speed or distance. You will be able to see and get motivated to be faster than your previous run. The reward is mostly the feeling of winning over yourself.

There are tons of things possible in the future making living more pleasant and fun. And also more ways to get discounts then just cutting out coupons out of magazine or newspapers, cause everybody will be playing a game called living and do things for better society ,sustainability and even health by scoring points and getting rewards for them. I hope to see these apps soon or maybe even make one of the come true. But for now I wait to get my hand of a new phone that can able use these kinds of apps.