How to improve western econemy by copying the Asians!

Yes I am talking about copying things from Asia, however I am not talking about product, low wages or building allot of production factories but I am talking about shops and stores open till late.

As some of you might know I spend a whole year in Hong Kong last year and not only tried some culture tasting but also bit trendwatching and trying to understand the market while also doing allot of other stuff.

However upon arriving back to Holland I saw that the shops in Holland felt lazy compared to Hong Kong. Allot of shops open really late and also closes pretty early. Mainly if you work 5 days in a week and work from 9 till 5 you could only shop around during the break or weekends. However break time is not that long to be able to shop around and weekend on certain area is both days but most are still just Saturday. Also you got like one day in the week when the shops only open till 9 o'clock. Mainly the amount of time you could go out shopping is not enough, because it the opening times overlaps the work hours. However I know it's impossible to open shops from 9 till 12midnight like in Hong Kong. However most of the shops nowadays actually open around the afternoon but still closes early at 5 or 6 pm, but mainly they say six but they are already closed at 5.

My idea or concept is to open shops in the afternoon and close them around nine everyday. However only the luxury shops and not the grocerystore cause those should be open early till late. Also cause shopping in the morning I would not call that a luxury more sleeping out in the morning is a luxury.

How would it help the economy?
People would have more time to shop around after work and also able to socialize after work too. But also it give people to have a part time job at store at night to either earn more or for students to work after school. Cause students can only earn so much cause they can only work at times that does not compete with their school and I myself had felt I wanted to earn and work more but the school is really an obstruction. However if the times do not overlap students can earn more money and buy more things and also achieve more.

When I was young until I got my first job I finally saw that with earning my own money, I could also achieve allot cause I can buy things to improve learning but achieve a dream of becoming a cyclist. Cause my parent are not that wealthy and did not want to spend allot of money on an expensive bicycle. However I still had to save for a certain time before I could actually buy things, however did felt so limited to work cause there was just only the weekends. The rest of the week we had to go to school.

Also shopping is a good way to move around instead of being lazy couch potato and watch tv and internet behind the computer.

And I see there is more plus than negative and should be tested. I hope that someone in the politics would figure this out too and put it to the test in certain cities,cause about a decade ago they added that shops can be open on Sunday in the most busy cities so people to shop more. But for me opening shops later and closing later is the way to go.