Inspired iPhone 4!

Apple Keynote showed the new iPhone 4 which is totally awesome, however I never had an iPhone cause I never saw how much different it was compared to other smartphone. But the iPhone 4 is surely the best phone that is out there right now and I am blown away and probably would get it when it is out. The iPhone 4 is going to be released in many countries at the end this month. The iPhone can record HD and also directly edit on the phone?!? However I wonder how long it would render? But the multitask and facetime is just awesome. What is great too is that allot of places in Holland got free wifi, with whole Rotterdam to be wifi but it is slow but able to go to the McDonalds to wifi with faster internet. Also the city where I live got free wifi through out the city. For sure the new iPhone set the standard of the phones to the next level! I think I am going to Mac within a year with so I could also try and design apps, cause I think I can already think of allot of interesting stuff for that phone.