Pepsi had redesigned they logo and looks a few years back but it was a pretty racked when they changed it cause people were saying it lacked the old design. However I have to say the new logo is not bad even though I still get reminded by the thick belly cartoon that someone made with this logo. But essentially it kept allot the old features and restyles it to be more sporty to able to fit more on the athletes they sponsor.

However now also able to see the bottle designs in Holland it a pretty boring packaging design and also they just reused the old bottle and caps too, they literally just sanded off the old logo and placed those caps on the bottle. The simplistic look doesnt really attract and work much, but maybe also be that if they did not just use dark navy blue but a more metallic dark blue would been more interesting. Atleast do not look that cheap to the eye or atleast have some interesting graphics which they use to have.

If I ever got time I would get a bunch of cola by several brand and show which one looks more attractive to buy then others. Also need to see what World Cup packaging there are too.