Queer Asian Discussion At Cinemasia

On 28 May 2010 after the screening of the documentary of QUEER CHINA, "COMRADE" CHINA, there was a discussion panel with the director of the documentary Cui Zi'en, Doris Yeung, Jeroen van der Kloet, Kit Hung , Michiel Baas and Yang Yang not sure if I spelled it correct cause I could find her name anywhere on the Cinemasia site or any other places.

First thing I have to say I am not gay nor queer, but dont mind people being that way or hang out with them. Knew like when I was in Hong Kong a guy who could made girls into lesbian which was kind weird but awesome power. However back on topic it is surely interesting development having movies with gay topics. However I have to say in Hong Kong you do have movies with the main characters from the same sex being lovers, like Abnormal Beauty which the roles played by Race and Rosanne Wong are two girls who are in love, with one of the girl having a tragic childhood making her to love girls.

However the topic very interesting cause is China allot of things are very restricted and also gay or queers in China. However I think it is just a matter of time cause even China I experience is starting to become more western in many ways. Cause when I was in HK and Shenzhen I found the respect for their own heritage and culture are getting less and less.

But what is interesting is also writing a script which main characters that are gay or queer cause I actually tried looking into the topic and found it is very interesting cause I felt same story would not always work when you change the sex of the lead characters. Cause I found that gay and queer would have more compassions and understanding for their partners than normal boy and girl couples in a certain context.

However if you want to see the whole discussion visit the Cinemasia Channel here.