Cycling clip

Here is a cycling clip I made of me cycling around with my new camera the Kodak Playsport. I tried doing allot of interesting angles on the bike with my own build velcro balhead bike mount. However I found the higher the mount the more it bounces around and the high up angles are pretty boring compared to shots low to the ground.

If I got time I would do a full track distance plus also grab a tripod to put on the side of the track to have less onboard only shots to make it more interesting. Have to say the Kodak Playsport is a pretty good camera and the quality is not that bad and its is not even that expensive it cost only 149 euro brand new. Also it can be used underwater. However it does lack a macro function to be able to shoot objects close up, however could fix that if I can find some Jelly Lenses which have all kinds of special lenses for mobile camera's.