Inspired Xtra Normal

I know this is a very old video and yeah if you are a real graphic designer you know you have met these kinds of situations before. And mostly 9 out of 10 people you ever met would say the sentence; in the future I would have more work for you, that is about the biggest lie ever!

However having seen this video I had never looked further how they did it, cause mostly though someone had time in 3d Max and made this animation, however it is made with a certain webapps/ software by the company Xtra Normal. It is a fun and easy way to make an animation just by writing the dialog and choosing camera and characters movements. However for film makers it is also a way to setup animated storyboards however the movements are and scenes are bit limited there are also several software out there which have more features but this one is the only one that is free.

And final here below a video of all the designers are the same. I have to say that I am lucky to be both product designer and graphic designer but I would know that if you only knew one side people think you can do all. Same as people would think I am also a webdeveloper which is in a total different league of design than graphic designers. Wish that people who studied marketing learns to work with real designers before they are let out of school.