Flipdisk Packaging concept

Here I am proudly to present a new CD packaging by Chung Dha the Flipdisk. The new CD packaging special feature is that the CD flips toward the side or bottom while opening the packaging, so it easier to remove the CD from the packaging. It also leaves an open space for an artistic use or information that can be added in the packaging.
During my research I found that many cardboard CD packagings have certain faults which I tried to use as my advantage for new ideas for a new packaging. Problem solving is of course the best way to find new designs and to improve the existing ones. Standard cardboard CD sleeves are quite hard to get the CD out mainly cause while opening it you also make the opening smaller, giving you a hard time to get it out. The pochup a rare packaging, which actually does not stay flat or pop up on it own which is it biggest weak point ( it actually uses an elastic band to pop up). Pop beak which is an interesting design have a flaw that when you open it vertically the CD would easily fall out. I also have another research about the users of cardboard packagings. Which came as a surprise that allot of Musicians and especially starting band still use cardboard packagings. The other users were magazines, B2B campaigns and students. However for movies and games there are not that much used unless it comes with crazy pop up to make the packaging more interesting.
Here above are the sketches and the simple research of packaging designs, as you can see I came to a fast concept and conclusion of a packaging which did all the things in the ideas. The sketches of how it folds and how it moves might looks quite difficult but if you look at the template it is quite a simple small template. If you want to see the prototype and how it moves watch the video below.

The packaging used in this video and the photos actually did not made any use of glue, which make them very eco friendly but a bit hard to produce cause it might need either a handy machine or hands to put it together. For a more effective production there is also a version which does use glue in the design. However I wont be giving this template away for free, if there are any interest for this packaging please contact me on the contact page.

More pictures for you to enjoy:


V said…
I´m a spanish design student, and I'm looking for diferent kind of cd packaging. I find yours very interesting, and I´m trying to produce it (just one piece at home, to learn the way, not to make a massive or comercial production).can you give me some tips, or the measurements to do it? I will understand if you can not, but I hope you can help me with that. Thanks a lot for your work anyway, it´s very inspiring!