Inspired Design story the Decanter

Landor is one of the biggest international packaging design company in the world having offices everywhere around the globe. If I had stayed longer at school I might had chosen it as an option for my internship. However I found this intersting video of the Landor Associates which shows the whole process of a packaging design of a wine bottle from begin till the end.

Design story: The Decanter from Landor Associates on Vimeo.

Its quite interesting to see all the aspects and different skills needed to do a packaging design of a bottle. Skills in drawing, 3d modelling or prototyping and testing. We could see the old way of how people draw using special curved rulers and for me the most interesting part is seeing the process of prototyping. Hope to be able to see more inspiring videos from them on their vimeo channel in the future. Visit their Vimeo channel here.

Credits to: Landor Associates