Inspired / Kodachrome

As we know Kodachrome has been stopped in production and the last roll that was tracked by National Geographic and shot. However Kodachrome with it long history of great looks and used for film in both still and motion, but technology always have to go forward and Digital Photography and now also motion pictures have replaced old film. Here above you can see the ABC news about the end of Kodachrome and you can find allot of information about Kodachrome on Wikipidea. However Kodak released test videos of Kodachrome made in 1922, which is 13 years before they places Kodachrome on the market.

However if you want to achieve a the style or feelings of Kodachrome if you own a CANON EOS camera, you now download the Kodachrome picturestyle here. You can simulate the Kodachrome style with this picturestyle and use it as a picturestyle to shoot pictures or film movies with it.

Credits to Kodak for uploading the test movie, ABC news report about Kodachrome and Cinema5D for the picture style.