The Loft at Laguna Beach / Available

This is an entry for a contest for the Lofts at Laguna beach. However I have to say I did a much different approach to the logo than the rest of the entries, who mainly aimed a bit too much on the sunny beach of Laguna Beach instead of showing a The Lofts which is actually a high class kind of hotel. The most other entries I saw were a bit more like sunny vacation logo instead of showing class, so I made a fancy high class logo.

The logo consist of a T and L close to each other while also being an Ambigram which you can turn 180 degrees and still see the same shape. However the other thing is that the TL also look like a Z and did this cause mostly people sleeps at the Lofts and ZZZ.

This design in available and if there is any interest in this logo please contact us.