Progress of Isometric Illustration

A while ago I said I would start on a isometric illustration on the Canon EOS 500D, so here is the progress. I took a break from everything to do my own stuff for a change and started on this. The blueprint took allot of time but what is inside I took an afternoon to make. However I had bit of struggle with the top part of the camera where the build in flash is. However it looks like an easy shape but I have a crazy amount of guide shapes to be able to build that part. However there are more hard to make shapes in this camera. Not sure if I would give the rubber it leather texture cause that would use quite some hours to make. However when I finish this illustration will explain how to make this. Really have to give respect to people who does this for their work especially its much harder to make when it has to be perfect in scale and follow a blueprint then if you have to draw it by hand and use your eyes for measure. However I don't own the 500D anymore but am proud owner of the 550D which actually can see allot of difference in the body and build. But hope to finish this within a week time especially making this to see how much time I would need to make such an illustration.