Robot callers!!! Be Warned!!!

I have encountered this few time they sound actually like someone calling you but also not. How they talk and question is in a really smart manner while are kind more intimidating to say something and would just answer their questions. However mainly to the end when they are asking too much info than you would know its a fake especially if they do not answer a question and re-ask a question. Especially they want your address and more.

Just a minute ago I got such a call, however smart as they did they added environment sound to it. However the environment sound only last when the person talks and when they stop you can hear that it is suddenly silenced. Be careful not to give detail over the phone someone now they have placed computers with voice recognitions to call random numbers and what you say they would recognize and in a smart way reply and ask questions. Especially most of them are schemes to get your bank info and address like most SPAM mails.

When the calls sound very computer like and an organizations that calls want just bit too much information, just hang up. Pretty awful tech cause now your phone that is personal is also hard to hear if the person you are talking to is real or not. You can only trust that when you call someone its real and not when someone calls you.