Tech news/ Translucent mirror DSLR

Sony announced their new DSLR line with new tech which is a Translucent Mirror making it possible to have faster burst cause the mirror of the camera does not move. However I know few things about translucent mirrors which mirrors on one side where there is light while on the darker side you could see what is on the lighter side. As there is no light it will not reflect anything and therefore it is transparent. However the materials for it is not that new as seen at most police officer in the interrogation room where people can't the people behind the big mirror. However a problem with this is that the lost of light and actually the new Sony does lack shutter speed and need to compromise using higher iso to get the same result as other camera's. The technology is cool but wish further development of these mirrors could improve future DSLRs. As the DSLR tech race is still on a crazy speed development race.

Credit to pocketlint for the video of Sony Alpha A33 and A55 promo video.