Valentino Rossi to Ducati!

I am a big fan of Valentino Rossi as I also made allot of Game textures for different games like GP500 mods and Milestone Capcoms Motogp. Here above is a concept I put together really fast how the Valentino Rossi bike might look like, as Fiat would follow the steps of Rossi and also allot of the Crew will be coming from Yamaha to Ducati as he has officially signed a 2 years contract with Ducati. Rossi would be riding a full Italian package with Italian rider, bike and sponsors. His new team mate will be his ex team mate from the Repsol Honda years Nicky Hayden.

However Rossi wont be Champion this year cause of missing allot of races due to the breaking his leg. However he is back and racing but still is recovering and probably see Jorge Lorenzo becoming the new Motogp champion this year.

However Rossi going to Ducati is very exiting as Ducati is well known for High speeds which the Yamaha lacks, while Rossi had to develop the Yamaha into a great racing machine with superb handling. Hope Rossi can develop the Ducati into a superb racing machine which has high top speed plus superb handling!