Dai Fu Lou exhibit HK

Havent posted this video on my own blog, also have this Dai Fu Lou project bit on hold but still have allot of copies of that animated book and took allot back to NL. I am planning to revamp Dai Fu Lou soon with different story and also start to do more things like animations. I am just going to do my own stuff for real for the coming time and probably not making allot of money but am sure to do stuff I like and especially learn more and able to show more what I am capable off on my blog. Especially have done some cool designs in the past for bigger brands but could not post the works in my blog cause this didnt want to be associated to be hiring a freelancer to do the job which is quite silly. Especially its pretty much a free advertisement while I have thousand of viewers each month. Have the 2 paintings I made in Holland hanging in my room and might start painting my old scooter helmet into the design I made with Dai Fu Lou for a bike racing game. I just got too much ideas yet want to make so much more.