Inspired / Brands colors categorized

At Colorlovers I found and interesting post about categorizing colors of top 100 brands. However I have to say they did not tell you why they choose the colors or more about the colors differences and what the companies do. However they did make an interesting info graphic showing how most colors are divided and which colors are used the most. One color I see is missing is black which they places into the grays instead of giving an own category.
From what I know about colors especially which is useful for choosing the best colors for certain brands is that blue is the best color for showing professionalism and technology. And dark blue is a very much preferred color that is used in American corporations, cause dark blue often represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

While also there are plenty of companies using red which is well known as a color of attraction and love, but also hate and danger. The color is mostly used for showing energy and activity. You will find reds allot in sports, news and anything with allot of activity going on.

If you want to know more about each colors I have a post which explains what each colors means, click here to view it.

Credits to: Colorlovers for making the info graphics and categorizing top 100 brands of the web.